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Anova Seafood celebrates 20 years in business

2014 is a festive year for Anova Seafood, as this year we are celebrating that we set up business twenty years ago. Anova’s current directors, Willem Huisman and Constant Mulder, founded the company on 16 August 1994. Twenty years

Anova supports The Ocean Cleanup

An estimated 500 million kilos of plastic currently pollute our sea surfaces. The Dutch 19-year old Boyan Slat came up with a concept to clean up the oceans from plastic debris by using the natural ocean currents. On June 3th he

Anova is committed to transparency and quality in pangasius industry

Pangasius sales are under pressure: because of the poor image of this fish, volumes in Europe are declining. Anova Seafood pleads for a better and more transparent pangasius product. We therefore support the project ‘Pangasius,

Indonesian coastal tuna: sustainably managed for a better future

At the SEG 2014, various parties came together to promote and discuss Indonesian artisanal tuna fishery. This joint event was kindly hosted by Anova Seafood. Main theme: the achievement of MSC-certification for Indonesian tuna.

Anova Seafood’s tuna wins PLMA’s ‘salute to excellence’ award

Each year, the Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA) rewards innovating store brand products with the ‘Salute to Excellence’ Awards. This year, Anova Seafood’s Pacific tuna from Swedish retailer ICA - ICA ‘Vit Tonfisk’ -