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Our ambitions are centered around the 3 main themes of People, Environment and Product and cover the whole supply chain: from catch to consumption.


Anova has invested in improving seafood sustainability and transparency. In this report, we look beyond our individual global supply chain and address the impact of four megatrends on seafood integrity. Read more about globalization, standardization, the desire for local products and industry consolidation in our Corporate Responsibility Report 2018.

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2017: zooming in on product integrity, transforming the sustainability debate

When we talk about sustainable products, we talk about more than the sustainability label. We need our products to have a reliable, complete story. This report covers the broad range of product integrity topics and how Anova seafood manages these topics in our global supply chains. Read more about our call to the industry to increase sustainable seafood, how our short and transparent shrimp supply chain contributes to integrity, and our performance on social compliance in our Corporate Responsibility Report 2017

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2016: managing the seafood supply chain from source to plate

In the past year, we focussed on our contribution in the value chain to make pure and responsible seafood choices available to every consumer, supporting our corporate vision. By continuously leading the way in sustainability and innovation, we create strong and resilient value chains in which everyone wins. This years' report illustrates specific examples on how we made this happen in 2015. Read more about our BSCI membership, our Anova Integrity Committee, our responsible tuna strategy, and sustainable product sales in our CSR Report 2016.

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2015: Creating value chains in which everyone wins

2014 was an exciting year for Anova Seafood. It was the year in which we celebrated our 20th anniversary and the year that marked the beginning of our new strategy. Our renewed strategy emphasises our value as supply chain partner via a stronger customer oriented focus. It strengthens our ambitions in creating strong, reliable and resilient value chains in which everyone wins. Read more on how we think we can accomplish this through our Product Integrity ambitions, Responsible sourcing and Responsible processes in this year's report.

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Moving from CSR 1.0 to CSR 2.0

This year, Anova Seafood is moving on from CSR 1.0 to CSR 2.0 and building on our sustainable foundations, we are assuming a wide range of responsibilities within our sphere of influence. To help us to decide on our next steps, we have done a cross-methodological study to analyze the key issues among our stakeholders, including key customers, colleagues and NGOs. Topics that go beyond sustainable seafood to include social compliance of our suppliers, and how to offer healthy and responsible choices to consumers.

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Responsible Innovation is part of our DNA

Despite the economic situation we want to and dare to place a dot on the horizon, because sustainable business and responsible innovation are part of our DNA. Our customers are pivotal in this. Our multidisciplinary team and our wealth of knowledge about fish will serve us well. Sharing and advancing our knowledge and insights is what makes us strong.

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Increased demand on transparency and production

Looking back at 2011, we conclude that society as a whole is increasingly recognising the importance of sustainable business practice. Sustainability is a precondition for continued existence. This awareness is resulting in more specific actions and partnerships in the fish chain for responsibly-caught and farmed fish. Society is increasingly demanding greater transparency on the origin and production of its food stuffs.

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Consumers choice for sustainable fish

Consumers are increasingly opting for sustainable fish. Our challenge therefore lies in supplying the broadest possible range of sustainable  fish varieties, purchased in the best possible way. In 2010, we have expanded our sustainable fish range, improved the quality of sustainability programmes, increased market penetration with sustainable fish.

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Anova seafood's first sustainability review

The fundamental approach of Anova is: Respect for People, Planet and Profit. It is Anova’s philosophy to consistently respect these three P’s throughout its entire supply chain. Our vision is firmly focused on the future, not only from a moral commitment, but also from a business perspective. Started in 2004, the Corporate Social Responsibility activities of Anova have been in process now for six years. During this time, there has been significant progress made, as well as challenges to overcome.

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