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Anova scales up production of MSC cod and MSC tuna

Publication date: 07-12-2016

As seafood supplier for a wide range of seafood products, we are taking a stronger position in production activities for our cod and tuna products. With this move, we will double our cod volume and expand our sustainable tuna offering.

Anova invested in the newest technology production line to produce high quality cod products for fresh counter, retail (MAP and frozen segment) and foodservice customers in Europe. With this move, we will double our cod volume. The location for production in The Netherlands is a strategic decision, with production being close to the market so that the quality and freshness of the product is preserved as long as possible.

Anova has also recently expanded our tuna production in our production joint venture in Vietnam, to include the production of MSC yellowfin tuna from the PNA countries. With a local quality office to supervise production, the production location has been processing MSC albacore tuna from the Fiji and Cook Islands for several years. MSC albacore has been a proven successful product in the European market. With this expansion, we strengthen our position for sustainable tuna products for the frozen and chilled counter.

Read our full press release here.  

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