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Anova Seafood celebrates 20 years in business

Publication date: 01-02-2015

2014 is a festive year for Anova Seafood, as this year we are celebrating that we set up business twenty years ago.

2014 is a festive year for Anova Seafood, as this year we are celebrating that we set up business twenty years ago. Anova’s current directors, Willem Huisman and Constant Mulder, founded the company on 16 August 1994. Twenty years ago, Huisman and Mulder saw opportunities for introducing Lake Victoria perch to Europe created partly by the increasingly lower stocks of traditional white fish such as cod and haddock. Their knowledge and experience of Africa meant that Anova could expand rapidly, soon becoming a company specialised in tropical fish varieties. In the years that followed, the company’s assortment expanded, we learned more and more and our sense of social responsibility grew. Nowadays, Anova Seafood is a successful, international player in the world of sustainable and innovative seafood products.

Highlights in our history include our first chartered flight transporting Lake Victoria perch from Africa to Europe in 1995 and the opening of our Vietnam quality and purchase office for pangasius and shrimp in 2002. In 2003, Anova set out on a mission to support sustainability, which has, over the years, become a wide-based, professional CSR policy. Our twentieth anniversary is not only an excellent time to revisit old memories but also a good moment to reflect on the future. In the coming years, we will to continue search for innovative seafood solutions with the same passion as always and work with our partners to build up an efficient, responsible and transparent supply chain. The efforts we have devoted to this in recent years are proving solid foundations for the future.

Anova Seafood would be nothing if not for our staff: their enthusiasm, perseverance and entrepreneurial qualities – then and now – meant our company could grow. That is why we are celebrating our twenty years in business with the Anova team in Mikulov in the Czech Republic on 27 and 28 September. Furthermore, we would like to thank our customers, suppliers and other partners for the great cooperation and their contributions to our company in the past and hope that we can count on their support in the future too.

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