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Anova Seafood nominated for Dutch CSR Award

Publication date: 21-05-2015

Anova Seafood is nominated for the CSR Award ("MVO Prijs") for the region 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. The award is awarded biennially, and is granted to the company that is most progressive in the area of Corporate Responsibility/ Sustainability and that acts as a role model.

For Anova Seafood, building responsible supply chains is a prerequisite for doing business: it has been part of our DNA since our establishment in 1994. Our focus is on maximizing our sustainable product portfolio, working with our suppliers on sustainability and setting new standards in the markets with our pure and responsible seafood. Read more about our CSR ambitions in our CSR Report on this website.

You can vote for Anova Seafood on the online voting forum via this link (Dutch site only) and click Stem!

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