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Anova Seafood publishes CSR Report at SEG in Brussels

Publication date: 02-05-2016

At the Seafood Expo Global in Brussels, Anova published our Corporate Responsibility Report 2016. The report, titled "Creating winners in the value chain", illustrates the contribution Anova brings to the value chain to make pure and responsible seafood products available to every consumer.

The report includes several specific examples on which we have made progress towards our vision to make pure and responsible seafood choices available to the consumer. The inclusion of MSC certified yellow fin tuna from the PNA countries has broadened our responsible tuna offering and supports our ambition to act as a guide -or ligthouse- for our customers for responsible tuna. In 2015, Anova became a committed member of BSCI, the Business Social Compliance initiative- to improve the working conditions in the supply chain. Read about these examples and others, in our CSR report.

We are also proud to add MSC Sockeye Salmon from Alaska to our Simply Tasty Portfolio. The Simply Tasty portfolio is a selection of products that are brought to the market via the shortest and purest route possible, and through a responsible supply chain. Next to MSC Sockeye salmon, MSC Albacore tuna from Fiji and the Cook Islands, MSC Frozen at Sea cod from the Barents Sea and MSC Keta salmon from Alaska is included in the portfolio. Read more about this in our Simply Tasty magazine.


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