The pinkish fillets are moist and mild and adapt well to a variety of cooking methods and seasonings.

Moreover, every serving of this farmed catfish is protein-rich, low in saturated fat and contains healthy omega-3 fatty acids. A healthy and sustainable choice!



Product specs

Latin name:

Heterobranchus Longifilis X Clarias Gariepinus


Available as fresh product.

Shape options:
  • Fillets
  • Skinless
  • Boneless
  • Fresh 
  • Box


This  sustainable Catfish fish  is farmed in closed indoor re-circulation systems, by well educated and committed farmers with more than ten years of experience, and in charge of this whole process from breeding to harvesting. Within the chain the farms are under strict control of specialized veterinaries and monitored by a fully documented traceability system. The farming systems are free of GMO feed and use no additional hormones. The closed re-circulation systems use minimal water and energy. 


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