Our Vision & Values
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Our Vision & Values

At Anova Seafood, we believe we can make pure & responsible fish choices accessible for every consumer; that are part of a profitable seafood category; and provide a sound income for our fishermen and seafood farmers. We create reliable and performance driven value chains for our core seafood products: Today, Together, Tomorrow.

Our values lie at the heart of our company and in everything we do and make us unique, like a fingerprint.

We are passionate.

We just love fish. We want to know everything about it, where it comes from, how it tastes at its best and how we can make them as pure and responsible as possible. Because we love fish so much, we want to keep it around forever. 


We are entrepreneurial.

We create value chains that are performance driven and deliver on value. We energetically look for new and innovative solutions to improve our products and expand our portfolio to increase the community of fish lovers and challenge the industry. We were the first to supply the European market with MSC certified albacore and yellowfin tuna, we set high standards on sustainable catch and quality.

We are honest, open & act with integrity.

We believe this continuity can only be achieved by honest, transparent and respectful cooperation with partners and stakeholders in the value chain. This is why we seek long term, sustainable partners in our supply and customer base, that share the same values as Anova. 

We are reliable.

The Anova assortment includes an extended range of natural fresh fish products. From this wide array we select the fish that best fits the needs of our customers. We are a reliable and flexible partner to many customers across the spectrum – retail, wholesale, and foodservice.

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