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Anova takes ownership of Del Mare brand

Publication date: 26-08-2016

As of May 2016, Anova Seafood is the proud owner of the Del Mare seafood brand. As all round seafood supplier, the brand complements our current portfolio of private label products, the Sea & We brand and My Fish.

Through the Del Mare brand we will offer a wide range of products to the Eastern European market, ranging from Alaska Pollock, Hake, Pangasius, Atlantic Salmon, Gayi, Trout, Sprout and Mackerel, as well as value added products such as fish fingers. The brand is known for its accessible price- quality offering and is available in large cash and carry stores across Romania. Anova intends to broaden the product range under the brand, to include a full range of natural products from our portfolio.

With our global sourcing, processing partners and distribution platforms worldwide and our product expertise we aim to supply a broad range of seafood products to customers and consumers across Europe. As a private label supplier, our brand portfolio allows us to offer varying propositions in the market and complement our customers' category. The Sea&We has been a consistent brand in the Dutch market and offers a wide range of sustainably caught, high quality products such as Alaska salmon, cod, tuna, lake victoria perch, pangasius, Alaska pollock, and seabream and seabass. The My Fish products includes shrimp, tuna, pangasius, Alaska salmon, Lake Victoria perch and seafood mix for customers across Scandinavia and Eastern Europe.

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